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Decals are a greyt way to display a message on your vehicle about greyhounds and what greyt pets they make! There are several designs available so I hope you can choose the one that is right for you and the message you want to share about greyhounds. Vinyl decals have a more classy look than printed bumper stickers and they tend to last a lot longer. The decals I make are all made out of a high performance vinyl rated 9 years for outdoor durability. The process to make a decal involves creating the design, converting the design to a vector art file, setting up the plotter(machine that cuts the vinyl,) sending the file to the plotter, removing any unwanted vinyl material from the cut out decal to leave the desired design, then placing a transfer paper on the decal which will allow you to apply the decal as one piece to your window or any smooth surface. Even though the machine cuts the decal out, there is still a lot of man power that goes into producing a vinyl decal. Have fun choosing one to display on your vehicle!
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