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For Pete's Sake Collection

For Pete's Sake Collection Image
The For Pete's Sake collection was created and based off of our adopted retired racing greyhound named, you guessed it, Petey! Here is the story behind the image...When Petey was just a young lad he was running around at the farm in a pen with his littermate, Tiger. Jennifer Kunkel was out at the farm that day taking photos of her pre-adopted pup, Tiger, when Petey decided to poke his goofy head into the photo. The photo was posted on an online message board and it got so many laughs from all over the world. It is now known as the famous "Petey Peek!" photo. Thanks to Jenn for capturing the moment! And, thanks to Petey for being the big goofy boy that he is and for his inspiration to create these designs!

*Custom sizes and colors are done by special request.
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For Pete's Sake Collection
Petey Image Image

Petey Image
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